2 thoughts on “IMG_4613

  1. Your children are so cute and your daughter look is precious. My baby looks a lot like her but she’s only 2 yrs old.

    I was just looking at twitter followers and noticed you had not twitted since our defeat, ha ha, so I read a little bit of your blog (not a creepy person).

    Good luck and happy new year!


    • Kenia, If I didn’t want new-found friends (Twitter/Facebook) to come to my blog, I wouldn’t have started a blog with comments, replies, etc in the first place. LOL Now, If you wanted to know where I live, my phone #, etc, I might think you were creepy. ;o)

      I’m very glad you wrote, and I hope you enjoyed the blog. God bless you and yours, and God bless the USA…we need it!

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