“Parenting Strategies on the Go” -Teaser


“I patted Carter’s back and Sean smoothed out Ammon’s ponytail. I looked around Tommowland. It was where we had begun the day almost 11 hours earlier. People were still milling around, the sun was setting back towards Frontierland, and I thought about the “magic” of the Magic Kingdom as well as the “magic” of watching the happiness, innocence, and energized spirits of my children all day. I smiled and looked down, “You two planned the best day ever. Your strategies on how to maneuver around the park were awesome! Good work and high fives all around! Let’s go get some toys and dresses and head back to the room!”. We did just that, but you know what? The toys weren’t played with nor were the dresses tried on until the next morning. Why? As soon as Ammon and Carter walked in the room, they went to their bed and fell fast asleep. As Sean and I stood there and gazed upon our young travel buddies, we couldn’t help but wonder if they were dreaming of the magic of the Magic Kingdom.” (p. 163 Parenting Strategies on the Go )

In 2008, life blessed my husband, Sean, and me with two healthy babies. We have an engaging and magnetic tale of parenting with unique learning strategies on the go that all parents can benefit from; however, this book is far more than that. As a professional educator, I saw how both everyday events like planning food and clothing and special trips like a visit to Disney World were gateways to introducing children to life skills and to nurturing cognitive development through learning strategies. With minimal planning time, any parent can use these strategies to inspire their children to learn, and the best part is that the planning and the execution of the plans are fun and exciting.

Each chapter is devoted to exposing children to diverse learning strategies: Strategies to elicit proper behavior in public events, strategies for choosing souvenirs as teaching tools, and strategies to journal your children’s precious life events. The concluding chapter is a strategy unit guide for learning during a special trip—in this case, New York City.

This book and more about Haven Caylor (author) can be found on:


http://www.parentingstrategiesonthego.com (“Parenting” book site)

http://www.christmashawk.com (“Hawk” book site)

http://www.havencaylor.brandyourself.com (Resume)

http://www.facebook.com/haven.caylor.96  (Facebook)

http://www.twitter.com/Twin_Travel (Twitter)








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