Donald Trump for President?

Food for thought! Don’t make an “off the cuff” decision. Think about the desperate need for change in Congress, balancing the National Budget, and looking at domestic and foreign policies with clear vision as he speaks what MILLIONS (probably several hundred million) of us feel and see but are too afraid to say and then think about what kind of president Mr. Trump might make.

When it comes to business and politics, you know Donald Trump is very astute. He has his “finger on the pulse” of probably the most popular city in the world, New York City and he has had to balance that business/political relationship to make what he has.

He isn’t perfect, but who is? This isn’t my 2012 political “gibble-gabble” for persuading you all to push Donald Trump for President; however, he would make whomever decides to run in the primaries look clearly on how Donald Trump is voicing the opinions of a HUGE percentage of the citizens of the United States of America, and it would push the Republican candidate for president to address those concerns so as to make the United States a better country. God bless you all, and God bless the United States of America.