The sound was a week earlier than what I am use to: the symphony
of the katydids! On Monday evening, I stayed outside late with the wonderful
light we are blessed with in the summer. I had mowed, pulled weeds, and took a
quick, refreshing dip in the swimming pool before getting ready for bed. As I was drying
off beside the pool, I heard a familiar “katy-did” up on the mountain behind
our house. I couldn’t believe it! Thirty minutes later I took our dachshunds,
Buddy and Sophie, outside for their pre-slumber jaunt, and I heard a symphony of
katydids. Like the whippoorwills, the music of the katydids brings back so many
childhood memories. We had air conditioning, but our household enjoyed open
windows and fans during cooler, summer evenings. I cannot count the nights I
was lulled to sleep to the musical masterpieces of the katydids. Now, like I
said about the color of dogwood tree’s flower petals predicting the type of
winter/snows for the next year, in a bygone era, there were predictions that katydids announced that it would be 10 weeks before the first, pre-fall frost; we will see! ;o)

Father’s Day

Georgie Caylor, Oliver Haven Caylor, & Haven William Caylor

Georgie Caylor, Oliver Haven Caylor, & Haven William Caylor-Brown -March 1982

Father’s Day

I’ve got to convert the pictures of my father to JPGs so I
can put them on the computer. I will write just a bit about my father today,
and hopefully you all will see him in the very near future. He was Oliver Haven
Caylor (September 19, 1939 to May 28, 1982). He died three weeks after my 16th
birthday. This is my 30th Father’s Day without him. He was such a
wonderful father and Christian example. He had a wonderful sense of humor, and
he was always making up words or changing arrangements to popular songs:
something I’ve found myself doing the past 30 years too.

He enjoyed hunting, but his passion was fishing. While most
of my friends spent family vacations at the beach or going to the mountains, we
spent family time while bass fishing around North Georgia and Southeast
Tennessee lakes. My absolute most precious memories of my father are of him and
me raising two Black and Tan Coonhounds (Copper and Chief) and teaching them to
hunt squirrels. He and I had the same love of the outdoors, and we combined it
with my hound dogs to spend our “father and son time” together. I dearly miss
him, but it is such a blessing that the healing love of God and the Holy Spirit
coupled with time heals and fills the empty spaces the death of a loved one

I was so blessed to have a father who taught me love and
respect for myself, my family, the environment, human-kind, and most
importantly love and respect for God through Jesus Christ. My Daddy was
absolutely wonderful, and I love him very much. Happy Father’s Day up there in
heaven, Daddy!

First Few Days on the Sea

Loch Ness

I didn’t catch up on Saturday. LOL . We had a great day at sea on Saturday. It’s a little cool, but so it is this time of year in the British Isles. On Sunday we made our visit to Edinburgh, Scotland. It is so beautiful and unique, but it is often gloomy. The first time I was ever there it was in 2007 in August with Sean, and we had one sunny day out of 5! I love Edinburgh Castle. The most famous resident was probably Mary Queen of Scots, but she mostly lived in the castle, Holyrood a mile down the hill from Edinburgh Castle. The whole day was breezy and cool, but we enjoyed the city.

Edinburgh Castle

Monday we were in the Scottish Highlands. In a previous blog from April, I mentioned the Cherokee encoding for the love of nature. The Scottish part of me has that encoding of mountains. My family members such as the Alexanders, the Wimpys, and the Browns were immigrants who had come from Scotland and settled in the Virginia mountains and the North Georgia mountains. Oral history from our family says the Alexanders came from Scotland during the 1600s. As we traveled through the Scottish Highlands around Loch Ness on Monday, I felt as though I was “home”. We had a lovely time, and I know I want to go back and spend lots of time there and hopefully Carter and Ammon will feel as I do and learn about their Scottish heritage as well.

Tuesday has been spent in the Shetland Islands. We are ported at Lerwick, and we got to see some Shetland ponies today. However, we were told not to pet them. Ammon and Carter enjoyed seeing them none the less. Hoping all is well in your worlds today and God bless you all. Chat soon. Haven

Catching up: London, England

Catching up!

I think I will be able to catch up this Saturday. We disembark from South Hampton Friday, and we will have a Day at Sea this Saturday.

We are all doing well, praise the Lord! The flight went well, but, as usual, going 30 hours without sleep can wreak havoc on a person’s mental functions. However, we did have a Thames River Cruise and we spent 30 minutes on the London Eye our first day. Monday was a good day touring The Tower of London. Tuesday was spent at Westminster Abbey as well as walking around Trafalgar Square. On Wednesday, we traveled to Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth was there somewhere, but she didn’t come out to see Carter and Ammon (her loss…LOL). Later in the evening, we also tried to go to The Hard Rock Café, but it was way too crowded. Enjoy some of our favorite photos so far. Hopefully, I will write more on these places on Saturday.

Westminster Bridge/London Eye

Tower of London

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Windsor Castle