I found Daddy! LOL

dual-memorial-day-2012-4Daddy's Birthday

MaryLou Caylor, Oliver Haven Caylor, & William Haven Caylor (Daddy H)
March 1982

We were in this 30 year old picture that was in a 30 year old wallet of mine! Woo hoo! Well, there he is. He was 42 years old in this picture. He was quite heavy, and 6 feet 4 inches tall (I know God played a “short joke” on me). We were so blessed to have this picture. We had never before had a family picture.God is great!
This was taken about 10 weeks before he died on May 28, 1982.

The links at the VERY TOP of the blog are more about Daddy.

The majority of you all never met my father, but I wanted you all to see him. He was AWESOME! Happy Tuesday, everyone.

Head Shaving for Pediatric Cancer

Chattanoggins: June 10, 2012

If any of my family ever has cancer (Mamaw is a 13 year survivor of Breast Cancer), goes through chemotherapy, and loses hair, I want Carter and Ammon to look back and see that it’s okay to be bald and “different” especially when you are battling a disease.

Carter hasn’t been too happy with my hair cut and has told me so several times, but Ammon has been supportive with hugs and kisses and rubbing my head “for luck”. It was also a cool thing to give a donation to the Children’s Hospital of Chattanooga.

Hoping and praying that all is well in your worlds this Monday, and I am sending up prayers for those who are battling cancer or know someone who is battling cancer. Haven and the Crew

Diving Board:


Ammon: June 8, 2012 Friday




Carter: June 8, 2012 Friday

Well, folks. We have a few differences from the summer of 2011 (https://havensideals.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/summer-fun-carter-ammon-swimming/)

1)No water wings

2)Jumping into 9ft of water instead of 3ft. of water

3)Doing some great dog-paddling with some “circle”/breast strokes and some “windmill” freestyle.

Our friend Marnie Rodgers said something to the effect of “It’s one less thing to worry about.”, meaning that Ammon and Carter have conquered a fear of the water, are learning to swim and dive responsibly, and we’ve given them a gift that cannot be taken away.

We will always be cautious and respectful of ANY body of water, but we will know we can float, try to have fun, and yet save ourselves if necessary.

Sophie Catches Lightening Bugs




Now, if you are familiar with the blog, you know I think Ammon and Carter are the cutest things on earth…LOL
However, you all also know how much I love dogs, and I think they are cute too!

On Sunday evening (June 3, 2012), Carter and Ammon were alternating playing Freeze Tag and Catch the Lightening Bugs. We were having a BLAST. I had noticed Sophie, our female dachshund, ambling around our legs, but I really wasn’t watching her closely. However, I stopped unfreezing children, and scooping lightening bugs long enough to watch Sophie. She, as well, had started chasing the lightening bugs! She would then stop, look up in the air, wait for a light to flash, then start again. I laughed and laughed. Sophie is almost 7 years old, and I had never seen her do that. I have also have MANY dogs in my lifetime (hmmmm, I’d say 43 years of catching lightening bugs with dogs around me), and I do not remember ANY dogs catching lightening bugs.
Cute stuff, I tell ya! Happy Monday everyone

Central Park

Watch out for the Monster Bubble, Carter & Ammon!

Central Park Carousel: May 7, 2012

If you have frequented Central Park in New York City, you know its uniqueness. We always find something/someone interesting. Several years ago, Ammon and Carter simply played with a little boy and his professional nanny. That doesn’t happen too often here in the Chattanooga parks. There have been all sorts of street performers, musicians, and, of course the playgrounds, ponds, and other attractions. We absolutely had to return to our favorite carousel. We also were entertained by a “professional” bubble blower. The bubbles were HUGE and awesome.

Weather permitting, we always love going to Central Park during our vacations in Manhattan.