Gotta love a Friday! Yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaa!

Oh, man! I wish the frost would hurry and get here so it
would kill my grass! LOL It’s the only chore outside I have left to do before
the trip, and I doubt very seriously that the 13 acres will be mowed. While we’re
gone, our house sitter helps clean house, feed the dogs, and do a few things
outside (cutting grass NOT INCLUDED!) ;o) Oh, me…but I digress

It’s been a busy but enjoyable week, and it’s Friday. Once again,
Carter and Ammon spent a day and a half with Mamaw and Aunt Karen. They
returned late Thursday afternoon. They like Fridays as well. Sean will finish
up at work today, and we will be “out and about” buying the last few things we
need for the trip.

I know it’s just our culture that causes us to work Monday
through Friday with most of us having the weekend off, but I wonder if the
other days ever get jealous of how people prefer Fridays? ;o) Happy Friday


Shopping with Carter & Ammon

Okay, Ammon and Carter still want to play “You can’t catch
me” around the clothes racks, touch mannequins, and grab and snatch things on
displays. While walking around Ammon usually runs ahead of me while Carter dawdles behind me. However,they both come when I call them and hold my hands when I ask them to. Buggies work the best especially if we are in a grocery store or Wal-Mart. Ammon likes
to sit in the “chair” and Carter sits in the buggy section no squabbles have
ever occurred.

I noticed a HUGE change in Ammon and Carter’s listening
habits (for the good) around Labor Day. Carter and Ammon had gotten their
pictures taken, and we needed to find new tote bags for the school year. It was
“raining cats and dogs” because of Tropical Storm Lee, and hardly anyone was in
the store where we had the pictures taken (one of those portrait studios where
they are located in a larger store). After the photo shoot we three took off
to look for tote bags. Ammon and Carter were actually fixed on the task and
stayed near me. We were looking for bags with Sponge Bob, Dora, Disney Princesses,
whatever. I couldn’t believe those were my two children actually shopping with
me. We didn’t find what we needed, but I found/discovered something more
valuable: Two children who can control themselves, listen to me, and not go “hog
wild” in a store where I’m worried about them getting lost. I am not taking
anything for granted, and I am keeping my Daddy H “hawk-eye” on my “babies”,
but please pray for our safety as Ammon and Carter grow up and learn to shop in
crowded, public places.

The Amazing Race

Sean and I travel well together. Before children, we’ve
changed traveling itineraries in “mid-stream”, jumped off of moving trains
because we were “headed in the wrong direction”, and run through airports in desperate attempts to catch planes (I’m probably forgetting a lot of things!). However, I’m not too sure we would do well on “The Amazing Race” LOL. In some of our situations, we’ve had to stop, or sit down, or go to the bathroom, or get something to eat, or yell at each other, and re-group. It doesn’t look like they slow down and re-group on the  T. V. show, and I think the pressure of trying to win 1 million dollars would get to us.

Having said all that… “The Amazing Race” started again on
Sunday night, and we are glad. In case you didn’t know, the show just won its 8th
Reality Competition Emmy! If you have never watched it, you need to try it for
several weeks. Here in the Easter time zone it comes on 8:00 p.m. on Sunday
evenings. It’s one show I actually sit down and watch for an hour with or
without Ammon and Carter! Happy Monday, everyone!

Rome, Italy & The Trevi Fountain

One week till Rome, Italy. Our 9th cruise (Carter& Ammon’s 8th cruise) starts in Venice, Italy with its emphasis on the Greek Isles. We are stoked! I want to spend just a brief moment talking about a “wish” you may have heard about. Lord willing, it will come true for the Caylor-Browns. When a person is in Rome, Italy, and they wish to return
there, they throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. If I am remembering correctly,
you throw the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder and make the
wish to return to Rome as you throw it. Well, I did last October, and we all
have plane tickets to arrive in Rome, Italy on October 3rd. Thank
you, God, and thank you Trevi Fountain!

Good Bye Summer 2011

Good bye Summer 2011! When it is 20 degrees and the North
Wind is making a chill factor seem like it’s 0 degrees (it’s coming, you know
it), I will post some summer pictures again ;o) LOL

1st Day of Summer 2011

Like I said on August 25 in “Fleeting Summer Fun”, it was a
hot summer.

Late August Heat!!

Will it be WARM again in the next few weeks? Maybe, but not 95-100
degrees like it was when I wrote the before mentioned article.

Overall, I really liked Summer 2011! I am scouring my mind, and think all my family and loved ones were well physically. My favorite part of the summer was Ammon and
Carter swimming without water wings! I was so proud and thankful.

No Water wings necessary!

It’s was on the cusp of spring and summer, but our cruise from the British Isles to Iceland
back to England was a wonderful start to the summer. We had plenty of lightning
bugs, June bugs, crickets, whippoorwills, owl sounds, cicadas, and
katydids. It was dry for the most part, but thanks to Tropical Storm Lee, we
ended the summer with lots of rain (and no electricity for almost 48 hrs! LOL) You
know, I love my nostalgia and memories of growing up, but Carter, Ammon, and I
made some of our own SPECTACULAR memories the Summer of 2011!

Precious Summer Memory

God, thank you for the seasons of the year and for each
special thing they bring, and help prepare our hearts and minds for Autumn

Happy Autumn/Moose time!

Happy Autumn! Our Talkeetna, Alaskan moose

This flag is my just about my favorite seasonal flag of all
time. In Haven’s ideals, the colors are extremely apropos for autumn. It’s true
that we don’t have moose in Southeast Tennessee, but the uniqueness of the
moose silhouette has an autumn-mystique to it. I bought the flag in Talkeetna,
Alaska in 2009 before our Alaskan cruise. It was a several hour drive from
Anchorage and in between Anchorage and Talkeetna there was Wasilla (home of Sarah Palin) as well as a cool reindeer farm in Palmer. The reindeer farm had twin moose (one
male and one female….their version of Carter and Ammon LOL) too. It was awesome. I also got to pet and feed a big ol’elk (I was a little intimidated when he “eye-balled” me)! Okay, I hope one day we are able to return to Alaska for Ammon and Carter to meet, observe, and maybe even pet some animals sucha as moose that are indigenous to that area. Until that time, they and I will enjoy our autumn- moose silhouette flag. Carter and Ammon will wonder what it is like to be actually see and experience the life of a real moose, and I will remember a joyous, memorable, and educational July in Alaska when they couldn’t even walk, and we pushed their strollers through a herd of reindeer. ;o)

Daddy H Job/Chores

My house isn’t a show place, and I doubt it ever will be.
There are 2 adults, 2 almost three year olds, 5 indoor, declawed cats, and 2
dachshunds living in it. It’s our home. However, in the past three years, I’ve
learned that our living space HAS TO BE STRAIGHTENED, and the kitchen HAS TO BE
CLEAN. The surprising thing is that I thoroughly enjoying cleaning, but it’s
finding the time to do it. I am very glad Carter and Ammon can do some small
chores, but, of course, they cannot keep focused on the tasks. I am also very
thankful that Carter and Ammon can go to Mamaw’s house for a visit while I
clean or grade my university students’ work from online. I have 24 students
this semester.

At 9:00 A. M. on Wednesday morning, I was enthralled to
begin cleaning. It was like being shot out of a cannon. What had happened
between dropping off Carter and Ammon at Mamaw’s house at 1:00 P. M. on
Tuesday and 3:00 Wednesday afternoon when they returned???? (This will be more than items in a series! LOL………heeeeeeeeeere we go!)

I came home and started downloading 24 assignments from the
UTC Blackboard (online teaching base) and began laundry. Next, I went into
Ooltewah for a few groceries to make dinner. I then returned home to start dinner.
I started grading the 14 undergraduate assignment (one the average about  4 pages per assignment). Next, I finished
preparing dinner. After eating, I washed the dinner plates and pans. Following dinner
Sean and I jogged our 50 minutes. While doing some other chores in the kitchen,
I was able to watch Glee and enjoy an
evening cup of decaf coffee. After Glee, I began to grade the 10 assignments
from graduate students (They have 5-6 pages to grade). I then wrote each grad
student a note regarding the positives and things to improve on. I went to bed
around 10:45 but listened to cats run back and forth through the house playing,
hissing at each other, eating, and using the litter box for about an hour.

At 6:15 Tuesday morning I began writing notes to the
undergraduate students, and then I emailed all 24 students. So, back to 9:00
Tuesday morning. I was enthralled to do chores: sweep, mop, wash and dry
clothes, make the beds, scrub toilets, and feed dogs. I made appointments for
Sean’s car and the carpenter to come and measure for new handles for the
kitchen cabinets, shaved, showered, went to Sam’s Wholesale for Carter and
Ammon who are in charge of snacks for the next two weeks at preschool, went to
Collegedale for some Little Debbie Apple pies (Carter has to provide an “A”
snack …Ammon has “B”,and she will provide Blueberry and Banana muffins), picked
up some “m” objects at the Dollar Tree for Ammon and Carters’ “M” bags at
preschool, picked up some chicken for Sean’s lunch tomorrow, and then I
returned home to start Tuesday’s dinner. Carter and Ammon came home at 3:00,
and I began my Daddy H responsibilities anew. I’ll say it again, and you
may not believe me. I thoroughly enjoy chores. I’m so grateful God gave me
Carter, Ammon, my health and my home. Thank you, God. I am truly busy and

Ammon & Carter’s first school project

Carter & Ammon's Marvelous me: September 19, 2011

Well, folks, what do you think of Carter and Ammon’s first
school project? I think the title of the unit the children are working on is “Marvelous
Me”. Ammon and Carter told Sean and me where to put the pictures and stickers.
As you can tell, the pictures represent things Carter and Ammon like to do,
things they like to eat, and things such as cartoons that they like. I hope
everyone has a Terrific Tuesday!

Daddy’s Birthday (September 19, 1939)

He was born in Varnell, Georgia on Tuesday September 19,
1939. He was the first of only two children born to Troy and Naomi Caylor. He was
born at his Nanny Alexander’s house (Nanny, Granddaddy, and Daddy lived with
Nanny Alexander until January of 1941). I forgot the name of Daddy’s doctor,
but Nanny Alexander was in the room when Daddy was born. During the whole
pregnancy, Nanny knew in her heart and prayers that she was going to have a
girl. She had grown up with two younger sisters and was surrounded by girly
things for so long, she just knew she was having a girl…God had a surprise!

When Nanny woke up from the anesthesia and learned she had a
boy, she had a split second of disappointment. She even had Daddy’s name picked
out as Hannah Rebekah (both from the Bible); however, when she heard the news,
she, of course, had to give up all of her plans. Knowing Nanny the way my Nanny
Alexander and Granddaddy did, they knew she wouldn’t mind if THEY named him (I’m
serious. They knew she wouldn’t mind, and she didn’t). While Nanny was sleeping and Nanny Alexander and Granddaddy gave Daddy his first bath, they named him Oliver Haven Caylor: Oliver from Nanny’s father, William Oliver Alexander, and Haven from
Granddaddy’s father, Luther Haven Caylor.

I could keep writing and writing about Daddy, but emotionally it’s kind of
difficult, so I will say just one more thing. From 1979 until his death on May
28, 1982, my father and I shared a multiplicity of wonderful times together. My
favorite times that I have stored in my heart were when he and I traveled back
and forth to church together and discussed the Lord, the Bible, school, life in general, and Coonhounds. It was such a wonderful and fulfilling experience having Daddy
as both my earthly father AND brother in Jesus Christ. That precious bond is
something that death and time cannot erase. Happy Birthday in heaven, Daddy.