Carter & Ammon’s Summer Cookin’

Ammon and Carter enjoying the “fruits of their labor”: May 29, 2012

Our first batch of summer cookies

Ammon’s “A”, and Carter’s “C”

For me, I have to plan Carter and Ammon’s educational activities just like I make lesson plans for school.
On Tuesday, we read preschool books on A’s (Ammon), and C’s (Carter). After reading the books, I had some flour and water (homemade dough) so we could practice making dough-letters. After making A’s and C’s with our practice dough, we switched to our cookie dough. Carter and Ammon made A’s and C’s (Carter threw in a circle, and I made an H).

While Carter and Ammon ate lunch, their cookies baked. We then played in the sprinklers while the cookies cooled. After sprinkler time, Ammon and Carter iced their letters then ate the “fruits of their labor”. Great way to start their summer break!

Dual Memorial Day 2012




Dual Purpose Memorial Day

To our Soldiers Past, Present, and Future:

Words cannot say “Thank you!” enough to our service men and women from the past, present, and future. There have been many of my family members who have fought for the colonies, fought for both the Union and the Confederacy, fought in World War I, and served in World War II, and we have several who have served in peace time as well. Both of these men are dead, but my Granddaddy (Troy Caylor) was drafted into the Army in the spring of 1945, did not do combat (praise the Lord), but helped in the United State’s Japanese occupation from 1945-1946. His brother-in-law, Charles Kirk, was drafted earlier in World War II, entered the Navy, and served on the now famous-floating museum, the Intrepid .

My May 28 Memorial Day

I had mixed emotions on Sunday evening. I could not decide what to write for Memorial Day 2012 because it was a unique day. I chose to write about Memorial Day 2012 the day after the holiday. 

This year’s Memorial Day was May 28. It’s a national holiday. My family and I have another “memorial day” on May 28: The anniversary death of my father. Yesterday, my father died 30 years ago. My goodness, it was 30 years ago! I can still hear him talk, hear him laugh, and call my name. For years, I dreamed about him, and he still appears in my dreams but not as frequently. One positive thing about a parent dying young (he was 42) and unexpectedly is that the parent is always “ageless” and frozen in time. I did not have to see my father become old, suffer from any disease, lose his memory, or lose his physical strength. Until the day I die or lose MY memory, he will be my 42 year old father. As I’ve said before, I don’t feel sad for myself, because I had a wonderful father, and we had a great relationship (NO REGRETS), but I do wish Ammon and Carter could experience his grandfatherly love, sense of humor, Christian love, and love of life. However, I’m glad our Papa Caylor Angel can see us in heaven.


2012 Christ Methodist Preschool Finale

Frere Jacques

2011-2012 Three Year Olds: Christ Methodist Preschool

Nana, Mamaw, Sean, and I were all able to attend Carter and Ammon’s end of the year singing program for the Christ Methodist preschool. The top line link is “Frere Jacques” which I accidentally deleted from our camera. Special “Thank you!” to Jeanne Ann Hartzog for her video, and the Youtube is their rendition of “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. Enjoy

Carter & Ammon School 2011-2012

First Day of School: Thursday September 8, 2011

Last Day of School :Tuesday May 22, 2012

Do you all see any changes from this school year?

Mrs. Paula, Carter and Ammon’s teacher has been great. They have progressed so much this year in their learning.
Thank you, Mrs. Paula, and thank you, Christ Methodist Preschool for a great year. We are looking forward to the next two years with you all.

Ammon & Carter: Museum of Natural History

T-Rex: Tuesday May 8, 2012

Wooly Mammoth

New York City’s Museum of Natural History: May 8, 2012

Ammon and Carter had survived the Uffizi, the Accademia di Belle Arti, and The Sistine Chapel in Italy, The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, The Louvre in Paris, and many other smaller museums of Europe and the United States. However, they were MADE to go.

During our week in New York City, we had several free mornings and afternoons, and it rained several of those days as well. On Tuesday (May 8), we couldn’t go to Central Park or other parks, so I scoured my mind in thinking of where Carter and Ammon might like to go. I asked if they wanted to see some statues of animals, and they both said, “Oh, yeah”.

Well, we traveled up the subway to the Museum of Natural History, and the subway went right into the basement of the museum (perfect because it was raining!). We went to 3rd floor, winded through the halls, and entered the well-known dinosaur room. Carter was asleep in his stroller, but Ammon walked in, looked up, smiled a HUGE smile, and yelled, “T-Rex!”. She ran and started jabbering. We were in the museum for over 2 hours, and the children loved every moment. Carter even woke up and enjoyed the animals as well. I was so relieved that we chose well. It was a great acclamation to museums for Ammon and Carter.

Ammon & Carter’s Spring Portrait

April 17, 2012…Carter & Ammon Caylor-Brown

We only had a day’s notice on spring pictures at school. During the school year, Ammon and Carter had several “formal-type” pictures. I had no intention to dress them up the Monday evening we got the email. Sean and I did concur that they could wear their new Burberry shirts we had gotten them in New York City before Christmas, and that was as “fancy” as it would get.

The pictures were back the NEXT TUESDAY! I sat down to pay for the pictures, and the lady helping pulled them out. The first one she showed me was the 11 ½ by 14, and I was dumbfounded! It was the best pose Ammon and Carter had ever done together, and it made tears come to eyes.

As most siblings do, they bicker and quarrel all the time, but they love each other dearly, and the photographer brought this out in his photo. You people here in the Chattanooga area, I do highly recommend Teddy Bear Portraits.

As I have heard all my life, many times those “spur of the moment” photos are the best. This was one of those moments for Carter and Ammon.

My Birthday

The Love, care, and delicious taste of a homemade birthday cake! (Hey, can you tell how old I am?)

Mama got me balloons!

My wonderful mother knew I would not be home for my birthday, so she made me a birthday cake last Thursday. She, Ammon, Carter, and I celebrated together.

New York City
I just spent my birthday morning jogging up 9th avenue over 46th Street, up Times Square to 51st Street, then back over to 9th avenue. as I jogged, I praised the Lord for Ammon and Carter, Sean, my family,and my friends. God bless you all, and thank you for reading and sharing.

Summer fun has Begun


Once again, who needs a pool when you have sprinklers! April 30, 2012

For those tough stains on the floor, use Carter!

Hey, who replaced the mop with Ammon?

Ammon and Carter ushered in the summer season with their annual Running of the Sprinklers this week! It was great, and we can see how much they’ve grown since last August. Have a great Friday and Weekend, everyone!

Napping 2012

Ammon Napping: Tuesday May 1, 2012

Carter napping: Tuesday May 1, 2012

As millions of parents and grandparents would agree, children who are 3 ½ years old need a nap. If Ammon and Carter do not get naps, by 8:00 pm , they are MONSTEROUS! For nearly a year, they have not had a regular, napping schedule in the afternoons.
Carter and Ammon took their annual swimming lessons at the YMCA this past April. It was twice a week. On those days, I made Carter and Ammon take a nap so they would be refreshed to enjoy their lessons. It worked so well that I decided to continue the trend.
This past Tuesday after preschool then playing in the sprinklers it was time for their nap. They were yawning and relaxing on their couches, and I was nearby at the computer. I stood up and walked over to give them a kiss on their foreheads, and I said, “Have a great nap.” A delightful and surprising conversation came up:
Ammon: “You have a good nap too, Daddy!”
Daddy H: “I don’t nap sweetheart. I have a lot of chores to do.”
Ammon: “Oh?”
Carter: “You can lie down and nap with me, Daddy!”
Daddy: “I appreciate that, son, but I have chores to get done.”
They were both asleep within the next 5 minutes.
I couldn’t help but smile and think of how they took it for granted that I took a nap as well. I wish!!