Snow Swarm

Snow: 1-17-2013

Snow: 1-17-2013

I have never seen snow the way I saw snow last Thursday. It was one of the most “coolest”, meteorological scenes I’ve ever seen.

Listen, I’ve skied in the awesome Rocky Mountains at Keystone, Colorado, lived and walked through a real North Georgia Blizzard in March of 1993, and I have stood in swirling snow on Mt. Titlis in Engelberg, Switzerland in almost-near blizzard conditions, and I’ve never seen snow like I did last Thursday.

I knew they were coming: the humongous snow globs. I’ve lived in the Southeastern United States, and if you know this area like I do, you know our best snows are when the southern moist winds of the Gulf of Mexico collide with the cold fronts from the north over the Southeast. These types of snows start as rain then turn into snow with huge snow globs…just blobs of dozens of snowflakes. I had even dreamed about these snow flakes on Wednesday night.

My new sight wasn’t the huge size of the snowflakes. It was the visual of these snowflakes as they flew to the earth. I don’t know if it was a certain type of cloud, the closeness of the clouds to the ground (maybe like a fog), or what. This is it: the snow looked like bees, or locust, or some other type of insects swarming, through the air! It wasn’t the visual of white snow plummeting to the ground. You could see millions of snow flakes swarming up in the grey clouds. It was an AWESOME sight! All during my life I’ve lifted my eyes and face towards the sky to catch snowflakes on my tongue, and as I’ve done this, I’ve always looked up to the clouds, but this is the first time I’ve seen the snow fall like this.

Okay, I’m done. LOL. Did anyone else see the snow like this? Is it common, and I’ve just never paid attention? Whatever the case, it was a special snow moment for Haven.

Magic Formula …can you help with an ingredient?


I’m searching for a “formula” a “connection” to publishing my articles and books.

Can you help with an ingredient through 1)Prayer  2)Reading and sharing  “Haven’s Ideals” on Facebook/emails, etc,  or 3) Guidance to somewhere/someone in publishing?

I’ve written for 3 years (I began “Gray Christmas” 3 years ago this month), but I have yet to find/be guided to the person or people that makes that “magic formula”.

Songwriters that had magic formulas with singers: Elvis had Leiber & Stoller (“Hound Dog” & “Jailhouse Rock”), The Beatles had  John Lennon & Paul McCartney, (“Let it Be” & “Yesterday”) and the Supremes from Motown had Holland/Dozier/Holland (“Stop! In the Name of Love” & “Baby Love”)

Holland/Dozier/Holland wrote about 8 #1 hits for the Supremes. In her magazine, Mary Wilson (former Supreme) said with her, Diana Ross, and Florence Ballard’s voices coupled with the songwriting team of Holland/Dozier/Holland they found their “magic formula”. It was such a profound statement for me.

I’m working on a “Haven Caylor, Author” magic formula. I’ve advertised on Clear Channel Radio, I’ve advertised with an online blog, and I’m contacting some wonderful people like you all. Some have already given wonderful advice and are “thinking” of what publisher might can help. And, best of all and at the forefront, I continually ask God for guidance. In my heart and in my faith, I know it’s God who will get me to that person or people. He will bless the “magic formula” and give it the “increase”.

Thank you all, and I hope your 2013 is off to a great start!

Happy New Year: 2013!

Not the best video to watch, but the audio is great. I’ve always loved “Auld Lang Syne”…The Good Old Days. Of course when it is sung slower, it is so melancholy and lonesome, but Mariah jazzes it up and gives it that happy, new, fresh feeling that the New Year deserves.

I wish there was a better title like “The Good Old People”, because that is really what it is about for me: Daddy, Nanny, Granddaddy, Mamaw Wimpy, and my dear, dear “Adopted” Grandmother, Remell Hall. Oh, how much I miss them, and “We’ll take a cup o’ kindness for old lang syne!”

To My Departed Loved-Ones and "Old Lang Syne" as well as the best year ever...2013

To My Departed Loved-Ones and “Old Lang Syne” as well as the best year ever…2013

Ammon and Carter could not stay awake for 2013, but that’s okay. However, in our last bedtime prayer of 2012, we did thank God for such a great year with all our loved ones and relatives being healthy and functioning well. We definitely decided that 2013 is going to be the best year ever.

Friends, loved-ones, and relatives, keep your eyes on Jesus every day in 2013. He is the way, the truth, and the life. If you already have a relationship with him and love him, maybe make a conscious effort to “fall in love” anew with Jesus the Christ every single day. I hope and pray that God blesses every one of you with your best, calendar year ever. With lots of love, Haven