Babies and the Couch


Carter and Ammon haven’t been sleeping too well these past few nights. Carter woke up during the early morning hours at approximately 4:00 (I think…my eyes couldn’t focus on the clock…LOL) I rubbed his back, and, eventually, he went back to sleep; however, he was mumbling a bit. Because I didn’t want to keep getting in and out of bed, I gathered up my gear to sleep on the couch that is in the living room right outside Carter and Ammon’s room in case Carter or Ammon cried again. Oh, it brought back some memories….

When Ammon and Carter were newborns, we all three slept in the living room. They would be fed at 10:00 at night, and I would put them down to sleep in their bassinets. I then would plant myself on the couch anticipating a few hours of coveted sleep. About 2:00 AM one of the two would make a peep, I would dash off the couch, grab whoever it was, change it, feed it (with me being half asleep of course), get it back in the bassinet, grab the other one (awake or asleep), change it, feed it, and return it to its bassinet as well, and all was done! Right before they started sleeping through the night, I had the process down to right at an hour. Routine, routine, routine. I miss my newborns, but I am so thankful that the OVERWHELMING majority of the time, I get a complete night’s sleep, and I get to play and communicate with my toddlers. Time moves on.

Dentist and Little Debbies

….no, my trips to the Little Debbie thrift store have not caused me to have cavities!  LOL ;o)

Happy Tuesday folks!

Monday morning held a schedule that was out of the ordinary.
It was my semi-annual teeth cleaning and check-up day. I started going to
Hamilton Family Dentistry almost a year ago, and I really like Dr. Bradley Brewer
and his staff. When I asked him when he suggested bringing in children, he
recommended that they be at least 3 years old. Now, Carter and Ammon did not
have their teeth cleaned, but I wanted them to go with me yesterday to build
their schema for their future trips to the dentist.

Mamaw accompanied us, and for about the first 10 minutes,
Carter and Ammon did great. They were very interested and watched what the hygienist
was doing. I was very proud of them. However, Mamaw decided that they were getting
to “wired up”, and she took them out in the lobby for the last 10 minutes. The
morning wasn’t over after my appointment. Carter, Ammon, Mamaw, and I all had
lunch together, and we headed to the house. Before we returned home, Mamaw decided
that she wanted some Little Debbie snack cakes, so we dropped by their thrift
store. I learn so much from watching grandparents. Mamaw allowed Carter and
Ammon to choose their own boxes of snack cakes, and then she gave them the money
to pay for them. Ammon and Carter seemed so grown up handing their money to the
cashier. I am so glad my children have their Mamaw to help build their life
skills and more importantly their character skills.

Cute “Good byes!”

I know you all get to hear cute things from your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, but I have wanted to write this one for months now. We have a set of 7 cypress trees, and Ammon and Carter started calling them “Christmas trees” last December.
During that Christmas season if we left our driveway to where we had full-view
of the “Christmas trees”, Ammon especially would wave out the car window, and
she would say “Bye Christmas trees!” She still does that every once in a while;
however, on our way to church yesterday morning, and as Carter and Ammon made
their way out our kitchen door, down the step into the garage, and headed to
the car, they both said, “Bye house!” I loved it, and it made me smile and

How many of us do the same in our minds as we leave our
homes, our places of work, our schools, or our places of worship. Ammon and
Carter even said, “Bye church!” as we left worship on Sunday morning. Well, you
may have completely given up what we may think of as “childish” acts, but,
seriously, in the recesses of your mind, do you ever do something like say, “Good
bye, house” in your mind as you pull out of your driveway? As I’ve gotten older
and developed my relationship with God, I always add a prayer to my “Good bye
house” (which I have done often as an adult even before Ammon and Carter) with
a “Thank you for a blessed home. Please keep me protected until I return to it,
and please bless it until I get back to it.” I’m still a child: A child of God.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone.

Ammon & Carter chores

Ammon and Carter have been helping pick up toys for over a
year now. They can also clean tables and chairs with towelettes. We have very
rarely made cleaning into a game, and they seem to understand that it is a
chore that has to be done. I was so excited today when I decided to recycle
some water that was put into Carter and Ammon’s turtle wading pool on
Wednesday. On Friday evening, I decided to take several buckets full of water
to our rose bushes for watering. These have to be the HARDIEST roses I’ve ever
seen. Mamaw got them for me on my 39th birthday which was also my
first birthday here at this house. The pink rose bush has even been mowed down,
but praise the Lord had established good roots! Okay, so I simply asked Carter
and Ammon to help me, and they did! In total, we carried three buckets of water
(per rose bush) to the roses. I was so proud of Ammon and Carter for helping. I
am sure some of you have children and grandchildren who do far more than this,
but it was so nice that they volunteered to help. I bragged and bragged and
thanked them several times! I hope and pray we will never have chore issues
here, but I am preparing myself if we do. I hope everyone has a wonderful

P. S. We also want to let our friends and relatives know
that we are praying for very little property damage and no injuries or loss of
lives during the East Coast’s Hurricane Irene weekend. God bless you all!

You mean I get to choose the T.V. Channel?

No Ammon and Carter = no Sponge Bob, Yo Gabba, Gabba, Dora, Fairly Odd Parents, etc.

Carter and Ammon are spending more with their Mamaw. I
always miss them so much while they are gone, but like my good friend Claire
Lane (a wonderful mother I must say) said a few days ago, “Babies need a break
from us just like we need a break from them.”  I do get several chores completed, articles
written, and UTC teaching responsibilities taken care of while they are gone,
but one thing I get to do that rarely happens while we are together is to watch
the television shows I want. You know what the sad thing is? I crave to watch
the news!  Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I remember
when I was 13, would visit my Nanny Caylor, and be bored out of my mind for an
hour when she watched the news! LOL

The autumn of 2008, I had started teaching online for UTC,
and I was also preparing the house for the birth of Ammon and Carter. It
was also, unfortunately, national election season! I had become so disgruntled with
the mainstream media’s coverage of the election until a good friend told me to watch FOX News (nationalcable not local). This is not a promotional for FOX News by no means, but from the logical, analytical, and pensive mind of Haven, its news is the best for me.
Now, three years later while Ammon and Carter are out of the house, FOX  News stays on while I am in the house
cleaning. The news casters are almost like family now. I am a Facebook friend
with one of them, and the last time we were in New York City staying at 46th
and Times Square (two blocks from the FOX News building), I got up at 6:30 am,
ran over to the building, and shouted “Happy Birthday” to Brian Kilmeade (FOX
and Friends) who shares a birthday with me. He was doing an interview outside. I
really like FOX News, and I highly recommend it.

Fleeting Summer Fun

Who needs a swimming pool? (Carter-8-23-2011)

It sure has been hot, but it is summer! Each season has its
fun and wonderment. We are looking forward to cooler weather, hay stacks with
pumpkins, leaves of different colors, and the anticipations of frosts,
Halloween, and Thanksgiving; however, we will miss the fun and frolic of
summer. We took these pictures of water fun on Tuesday. It was hilarious watching
and listening to Ammon and Carter enjoy the water hose and mop bucket, and I
wanted to snap some photos and share the moment with you all. Have a great
Thursday everyone, and try to gain some sort of enjoyment out of our heat wave.

Ammon & Carter's water hose fun (8-23-2011)


On April 21 of this year, I wrote to you all that I would
not bother you all again regarding the number of views I had on the blog until
I  reached 5,000, and HERE IT IS! Woo
Hoo! On April 20, I had reached 1,000, and I was so proud. Well, I am so
excited with 5,000 views as well: Excited, humbled, and grateful. These six
months of sharing with you all have been so fulfilling. My heart and soul are so
filled by all of you who have encouraged me and thanked me. I thank you all,
again, for coming to the blog to share in my life. My next goal is 10,000
views, and I will let you know when we make it! Love, Haven