Rudolf and Gene Autry

Christmas 1971

What a haul that year! I was 5 years old. I am forgetting quite a bit, but I got a Hot Wheels Track set, a cat clock that wagged its tail and blinked its eyes, a portable record player, and records just to name a few things. One of my records was the album you see today, Gene Autry: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer And Other Christmas Favorites. Several days ago I heard Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer by Gene Autry, and my heart sank a bit when a wave of childhood memories of my father and Christmas flooded my heart and soul. My father truly loved giving us presents and seeing us enjoy our Christmases during childhood. He loved cowboys, and he loved Christmas, so it was natural and a pleasure for him to buy me this album. My heart still misses him so much especially during Christmas.

It just so happened that Carter and Ammon heard Gene’s version with me, and I told them about my album and a few words about their Papa Caylor. He would have such fun with these two!

“Christmas Waltz”

When I went out with the hounds last Friday morning, we had such a picturesque frost on the ground. Mother Nature and the art that she creates is incredible: the ice crystals on the clover or the feathery, ice designs on the sheets of ice on our pond. The frost was so heavy that there was still frost on the ground in the shaded areas at 10 o’clock that morning.

The frost reminded me of the opening lines of “The Christmas Waltz” song. I never really appreciated the song until one of my favorite singers/actresses, Kristen Chenowith, sang it on her Christmas album from 2009. I want to share the song with you all. Enjoy and have a blessed Sunday.

Olympia, Greece/Haven’s Son worship

Well, we were supposed to see and experience Olympia on October 13, 2011, the site of the original Olympic Games; however, the operators of the historical sites chose to go on strike. I decided to stay on the ship. I am posting some “post card-type” pictures, but they are not mine. That morning I had a spiritual experience, and that is what I am sharing with you all now. Have a blessed weekend during this blessed season of Advent leading to Christmas.

Revelation 21:23

The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp. (NIV)

Thursday October 13, 2011

After a great night’s sleep on Wednesday, I arose to a new day around 6:45 am. I got my coffee and water, and jogged for 20 minutes aboard the Star Princess. When I finished, I enjoyed a good breakfast that I carried to just about the highest point where passengers are allowed. The full moon was setting on the west side of the ship, the sun was rising above the mountains east of Katakolon, Greece (our port of call), and I was in between enjoying my meal. I had been waiting and waiting for the sun to rise the whole time I jogged. On the same platform stood 4 Asians who I am pretty sure were Japanese. One of the men had a camera, and I was quite sure he was waiting for the sun to peek over the mountains so he could get a good photograph.

I had already said several morning prayers as I jogged, and I had asked God to bless my breakfast before I ate, but I had yet to bow my head in prayer or kneel in prayer as I often do. I looked at the Asian gentleman, and he was, indeed, snapping a few pictures of the peeking sun. The two women seemed a bit giddy, and one was waving her hands in an upward direction “encouraging” the sun to rise. I was amused. When the entire sun was above the mountain top, the other Asian woman placed her hands in a prayer position, faced the rising sun and made a grateful shoulder-bow while the other Asian woman did the same in front of her. The only time I have knelt publicly in prayer has been for communion at St. Martin’s. When I saw the women bow towards the sun, the Holy Spirit moved in me, and my heart started beating faster. I knew what the Spirit was encouraging me to do: I was to kneel in prayer and thank my Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ (God’s Son) for the new day in view of those people. I have always been a firm believer in “going to your closet” to pray, and I have. Prayer is VERY PERSONAL and should not be for show. I placed my plate on the bench, went down on bended knee, placed my hands in the prayer position, and thanked God for the day. I was immediately ENERGIZED in the Spirit. I gathered my things and I did not look back to see if the Asians had watched. However, if they did, I wanted them to know that I was a Son worshipper, and not a worshipper of our nearest star, the sun.

Wrapping Up New York for December 2011

We had a great and safe time in New York City. We finished up with our 2nd Annual trip to Toys R Us for a ride on the Ferris Wheel with our picture taken.

Nana, Carter, & Sean: December 5, 2011 at Toys R Us, Times Square

If I can, I will try to make a copy of last year’s photos to you all can compare 2010 with 2011.

Haven & Ammon: December 5, 2011 Toys R Us New York, Times Square

Sean and I had seen “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” last May, and we knew then it would keep Ammon and Carter’s attention. It did not let us down. All 5 of us went to see it Sunday evening, and the children did, indeed, enjoy it.

Harry Connick, Jr. : On a Clear Day you can see Forever

On Friday Night, Sean and I went to see “On a Clear Day, You can see Forever” on Broadway with Harry Connick, Jr. It was a wonderful presentation, and we got Harry Connick, Jr.’s autograph on his Christmas CD. If you like Harry’s music and/or acting, you will not be disappointed, and I do recommend seeing the show. (By the way, that’s my huge, shiny, bald forehead to the right! ;o)

New York: Friday December 2

Friday Morning was spent watching the Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes! As usual, the ladies did an EXCELLENT performance. I am still amazed at the Christmas Story: the birth of Jesus Christ where they present the live Nativity.

We got to have our pictures made with both Santa Claus and a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall. Ammon and Carter were great spectators!

New York City: December 2011

Guy, we hope all is well in Chattanooga. You’re the best house sitter in the universe!

This year we arrived early enough to go see a Broadway show the same evening we landed. Sean and I went to see Spiderman: Turn off the Dark. The staging for the flying is, indeed, awesome.

On Thursday, we did some great shopping at Macy’s, and all 5 of us went to see the Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center, Koch Theater.  It was fabulous! This was Carter and Ammon’s 1st ballet, and they did a great job of sitting quietly. I am by no means a ballet expert, but the Sugar Plum Fairy, Teresa Reichlen , is absolutely amazing and talented. Her strength and control in the pas de deux was spectacular! She is so tall and elegant. I hope to see her again one day in another New York Ballet presentation.

Food! Pon Sri Thai restaurant on 48th Street near 8th Avenue! Go there if you like Thai food! I HIGHLY recommend the pineapple fried rice!!