Last Classroom Tip!

I could probably spend an hour of lecture and showing examples of this, but I hope I can do it justice in a few paragraphs. In the ESL classroom, I would recommend a Multicultural Station. It may be difficult with physical environment constraints, but maybe you could stack them in plastic boxes.

Okay, it will take several weeks of research and collecting, but it’s doable. When you know the demographics of your students, it is much easier. From the nationalities/cultures of your students you should collect 1)salutations and expressions of courtesy  and TRY to learn to pronounce them correctly 2)translations of some of their legends, poetry, etc. 3)games, and 4)arts and crafts.

The thing about an ESL classroom is that it is dynamic. It USUALLY doesn’t stay stagnate, and you will be welcoming all sorts of students from a variety of different countries at any point in time (In 1995, the Fulton County School System in Georgia had ESL classrooms with 14 different languages in them, and they were always changing). When a new student arrives, spend a day or two (time used at your discretion) and work with the kit with you old students and new student to hopefully acclimate your former students to the culture of the new student, and the new student will be thrilled that you all are welcoming him/her with familiar things they are use to.