Haven Caylor Bio



Haven Caylor has an Educational Doctorate in Instructional Leadership. He is a husband and the father of twins, Carter and Ammon.  He is in his 31st year of teaching: From kindergarten to graduate school. His other degrees include Education Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction, a Master of Education in Social Studies Education, and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Studies Education. Haven teaches Spanish in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and he has added being a World Language Education Advocate to his career repertoire. His love and fascination of teaching Spanish has been renewed with Comprehensible Input/ Acquisition Based language learning. Ammon and Carter are homeschooled, and they are in the 5th grade.


Carter, Ammon, and Haven are featured in Pyle & Karinch’s Find out anything from anyone, anytime (Career, 2014) for his parenting strategies in questioning children for information, and he is also featured in Scenic Scenes: A collection of Chattanooga’s arts and literature (Over the Counter Productions, 2013) with two short stories regarding parenting. With the help of Ammon and Carter’s creativity, Haven wrote Christmas Hawk (Xlibris, 2015) a delightful story about a Red-tailed hawk and the special role she plays during the yuletide season. Haven and his family love to travel, and his latest release is Parenting Strategies on the Go  (Xlibris, 2015) how children can learn while traveling and they don’t even know they are learning!

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