Reykjavik, Iceland

Carter, Haven, & Ammon: Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is a unique island especially in the geological
realm of plate tectonics. Iceland is where the North American Plate and the
Eurasian Plate meet. This is one of the places on earth where the plates are
separating.  Not too far from Reykjavik,there is a plain at the meeting of the plates. This plain has sunk 200 feet in 10,000 years, and the Eurasian Plate rises above the North American Plate some10 feet or so. It’s so impressive to see those two continents separated by just a few feet.

The geothermal activity under Iceland helps the country be non-dependant on foreign oil. Our tour guide was proud to say that they are totally “debt-free to the Arabs”. Part of the activity is seen Iceland’s hot springs and geysers. They are awesome! We spent about a half hour at the Strokkur Geyser, and we go some great pictures: it was hard to pull Carter away. Strokkur Geyser near Reykjavik

Akureyri (that’s right, that’s what it says…LOL), Iceland

Akureyri, Iceland

Like Vanessa Williams once sang in the “ Save the Best for
Last”, “sometimes the snow comes down in June.” Well, it did in Akureyri,
Iceland on Thursday June 9, 2011 ;o)

We got to see waterfalls, mud fields (I stayed with Carter
and Ammon while they slept on the bus), and lots more. Our guide was Helga Rose
(cool name, huh?). She introduced us to some folktales I want to buy for this
coming Christmas. It’s about the 13 Christmas trolls that usher in Christmas.
If a child is good, they bring toys or candy, but if a child is bad they might
leave potatoes in their shoes! Helga Rose also sang for us in the Icelandic

Ammon & Haven: Godafoss Falls

My favorite place that day was Godafoss Falls. It was cold and
windy so windy that when the wind hit Carter’s face, he was ready to go back to
the bus! I walked from the falls to the souvenir shop. It was chilly but what a

Godafoss Falls