No electricity = Better Family Time!

The bad weather that took away our electricity for 24 hours had some bright points for our household. We did not depend on the television for our entertainment. Last summer we were out late at night catching lightening bugs (fireflies for some of you) and playing in the yard, but I did not realize until last Thursday night that the end of April had such long days as well. Because there was no electricity in the house, we played outside until 9:00 that night. It was beautiful, and the babies had a ball! It was also cool reading to the babies by candlelight as well as having bedtime prayers by candlelight.

I also spoke to several other families on Friday who spent more time together  during the storms and afterwards during the power outages, and you know what? They had great “family time”. Now, I am not saying to flip the switch once a month on your house’s power box so you can spend some quality with your family (LOL), but let’s all try to turn off the television sets, computers, computer games, and cell phones more frequently and share some time with our family and friends.

Weather Tragedies

Simple regrets to our neighbors and the people in our area cannot do justice for the tragedies that have occurred, but for me and my world/area, I am asking you all to please pray for Southeast Tennessee  and Northern Georgia and its recovery from the Wednesday April 27 bad weather devastations. The town of Apison is obliterated with quite a few fatalities, and it’s just 5 miles up the road from our “untouched, blessed” house. Bradley County saw numerous fatalities as well. Parts of Ringgold, Georgia near Interstate 75 were demolished and also suffered fatalities.  May our prayers and deeds towards our neighbors let them know God’s presence and love, and may the Holy Spirit comfort the hearts and souls of  those whose who are bereaved from the loss of homes and especially loved ones.

Keeping up with Facebook

I don’t spend too much time on Facebook, but I do like it. One of the main reasons I like it is because of its instant news, and you don’t have to be watching television to get it. Of course, there isn’t audio, but you can get up-to-date news from family and friends. Case in point…just this morning a friend in Murfreesboro, Tennessee sent a facebook message from her closet where she was trying to shelter herself from a tornado. I began to pray for her and the people of Middle Tennessee immediately. Another good friend of ours had a motorcycle wreck a few days ago. He and his friends kept us up to date on his condition, and we were very grateful.  Casie, keep those weather updates coming, and Gavin, keep resting.

We love the fun stuff even better: birthday pictures, vacation pictures, holiday pictures, or just every day neat stuff of life are posted, and we can enjoy with everyone all around the world! I am not advertising for Facebook, but if you’re not on it, give it a try. It’s pretty cool stuff.


Parents and grandparents with lots of experience in parenting, what advice can you give on how to slow time down? Time is going by too fast with Carter and Ammon. I had one of those “I want time to stand still just for a minute!” on Monday. We had finished with dinner, and it was time to feed our hound dogs in the barn. They came with me and both did exactly what I asked: They did not harass the dogs as we collected yesterday’s dog bowls and distributed the new bowls. When it was time to leave, they said, “Good bye, and good night” to the dogs and we left the gate.

Carter and Ammon ran ahead of me to return to the house, and when they did, I said to myself, “Are those my children?” It seemed like just a few days ago, they couldn’t even crawl, and I was pushing them in their double stroller through the yard, but it wasn’t a few days ago. It was TWO YEARS ago! I wanted to throw down the dog bowls, snap my fingers, and have time stand still. As quickly as the feeling overtook me, it went away, and we entered the house. The best thing I could think to do was have we three sit on the couch a minute, give hugs, and read a book. Time doesn’t stand still, but we can make every minute count. Let’s spend more time with our friends and loved ones.

Last Classroom Tip!

I could probably spend an hour of lecture and showing examples of this, but I hope I can do it justice in a few paragraphs. In the ESL classroom, I would recommend a Multicultural Station. It may be difficult with physical environment constraints, but maybe you could stack them in plastic boxes.

Okay, it will take several weeks of research and collecting, but it’s doable. When you know the demographics of your students, it is much easier. From the nationalities/cultures of your students you should collect 1)salutations and expressions of courtesy  and TRY to learn to pronounce them correctly 2)translations of some of their legends, poetry, etc. 3)games, and 4)arts and crafts.

The thing about an ESL classroom is that it is dynamic. It USUALLY doesn’t stay stagnate, and you will be welcoming all sorts of students from a variety of different countries at any point in time (In 1995, the Fulton County School System in Georgia had ESL classrooms with 14 different languages in them, and they were always changing). When a new student arrives, spend a day or two (time used at your discretion) and work with the kit with you old students and new student to hopefully acclimate your former students to the culture of the new student, and the new student will be thrilled that you all are welcoming him/her with familiar things they are use to.


Because our Jesus was resurrected, we know that we will be resurrected as well. Thank you, God for sending us your son and our savior to take on our sins on the cross at Calvary. Thank you, Jesus, for loving us enough that although you were without sin you became sin for us so that we may stand sinless before God’s throne in the day of our resurrection.

“He’s Alive” by Dolly Parton

Good Friday

Well, it’s almost noon on Good Friday. Jesus’ crucifixion had probably begun the 6th hour of the day as Apostle John records, and that would have been 6:00 in the morning. Jesus was so popular (remember his triumphant entry just a few days before there in Jerusalem), and the arrest, the trumped up charges in the “Jewish court”, the beatings and the questionings had been done in the early morning hours so the general public would have no idea Jesus was on trial. Jesus’ followers probably would have revolted, but it all happened according to God’s plan.

Jesus’ garments had been divided, Jesus had been taken down from the cross, and he had been placed in a tomb bought for him by Joseph of Arimathea. What a bleak and sad Friday for Jesus, his family, and his friends.  However, as we know, and as we should always remember, it is our “Good Friday”: the day our Jesus (the sacrificial lamb without sin) took on our sins so we could stand before our God cleansed, sinless, and as white as snow.

Holy Week

What a man Jesus of Nazareth was, and we see all of his glory in the last week of his life. From Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday we Jesus entering into Jerusalem as the king of the Jews, the preacher telling the Pharisees they are truly missing the mark in God’s kingdom, the friend humbling himself as he washed his apostles’ feet and allowed a friend to betray him , the sacrificial lamb who voluntarily was beaten and killed on a cross for our sins , and the risen savior who conquered sin and death.

I hope you enjoy this small menagerie of nick-knacks that I put together. I know eggs, rabbits, and chicks are not in the “Easter Story” of Jesus, but they are a part of our Christian culture and how we can celebrate the beauty of spring and new –life with the new life Jesus the Christ had for himself and provides to all of us.