Carter and Ammon videos

The little girl was tired by this time. She had been in her skis for over an hour, and that’s a long time for a 3 year old.

Ammon’s longest and best run:

Carter had been bored, taken off his skis, and chilled out for a while as we watched Ammon. I knew he needed the challenge because Carter was WAY OVER the little, tee-tiny, kiddie practice area. When he saw Ammon having having fun, he put his skis back on, listened to Instructor Jenny, and skied down the slope!

Carter’s longest and best run:

Ammon and Carter did great, and they are ready to snow ski again this coming fall.

Ski School: February 27, 2012

No one in our immediate family skis!

I wanted the family (Sean, Carter,Ammon, and me) to begin some winter activities that we could enjoy and share together for years to come.

Sean and I had tried to ski in 2005 with a group lesson in Breckenridge, Colorado. It didn’t work. However, I knew I wanted to try to ski again with a private instructor. It was fantastic.

Our instructor was a 23 year old professional skier named Jenny Lucas. She loves children, and it showed. Carter and Ammon skied a lot for her on Monday. Jenny said Carter’s best attribute was his sense of balance, and that Ammon’s best attribute was her willingness as a “go getter”. They both skied and skied in their learning area. At the end of the day, we felt that they would do better and better as the week went on.