Spring is right around the corner!

Ammon, Carter, and I have gone from jackets and sweaters to short sleaves! According to our front porch thermometer, it is 80 degrees!! Woo hoo! We have sun and blue skies. We are also blessed with purple and pink hyacinths, yellow daffodils, and the daffodils my great-grandmother (1886-1945) called “Eggs and Butter!”

The babies and I were playing around our cypress tress that have been labeled “Christmas trees” (please remember that they are only 28 months old), and we started up the hill to our swing set. As I was walking, Carter called to me by my right side and said, “Hand?” I looked down, and he and Ammon were already holding hands ( I had not told them to), and, so, all three of us went up to our swing set hand in hand, and all of us swang. It was a beautiful moment.

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