Our world today

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Local News: Ammon, Carter, and I have our friend, Lex, in our prayers. He had a friend to die over a week ago. It was a tragedy to Lex, to the friend’s family, and to the community. God bless you, Lex, and may the Holy Spirit comfort you in the way only he can. In Jesus’ name.

National: We are praying for the people on the West Coast who will be inhaling nuclear contamination from the Pacific eastward traveling jet streams.

International: All our prayers to Japan. Nuclear power can be a blessing, but it is such a worry and a threat to the environment and to humans. I am so glad the United States is not leading the “No Fly Zone” over Libya. We need to let regions take care of their own affairs. We absolutely DO NOT have the billions/trillions of dollars it takes to “protect the world”. Have you all seen Hillary Clinton lately? In two years of being the Secretary of State, she has aged ten years.

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