Milestone: 500 Views…thank you!

The milestone of 500 views happened over the weekend. I believe it was 584 views at my last check a few minutes ago. Thank you all for joining me! Several of you have told me that you enjoy the blog, and I appreciate that. I love sharing memories about my family. Oral family history isn’t passed on much any longer. I will never forget sharing some Whitfield county history with some of my students in Dalton several years ago. I simply began to share some things one day, and the students sat riveted to my story. I couldn’t believe how they listened. When I finished, a student asked me, “How do you know all that? I simply said, “My grandmother told me.” The students honestly thought it was cool.

Maybe one day we can celebrate 5,000 or 5 million views (a person can dream can’t they)! Take care and God bless you all. Haven

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