Call me “Dr. Daddy”;o)


In all seriousness, the best title I could ever want is “Daddy”. On Wednesday, I was reminded that I have an Educational Doctorate. Any person that has left the upper echelons of his or her profession/occupation to answer to the summa operis called parenthood knows what I mean. We kind of “lose” who we are professionally. Will I ever be called back to the world of español in the classroom whether it be in a high school or in the hallowed halls of an ivy-covered university? Will I do useful, longitudinal action research studies on the effects of computer-based technology that will appear in both prestigious foreign language journals and technology journals? Will I be sought after and paid to share my research and data? Woo hoo! Oh, the dreams of a Spanish professor!

A Haven-lead personal triumph: My Doctoral Dissertation

All the above stuff could happen; however, I’m Daddy right now and loving it. It’s where I need to be. When I “Googled” my name (really looking to see if it was associated with my “Haven’s Ideals”), my published, doctoral dissertation popped up on the search, and it brought to mind the things I thought were so necessary to my life in July 2006 when I defended and obtained my doctorate. Five years later, I have two necessary things: Ammon and Carter. My Haven-led Educational Doctorate was a personal triumph, and it was great. However, my God-led blessing of being a father to Carter and Ammon is the BEST!  I am also blessed to be writing and to have you all reading and sharing with me.  

God-led Blessing: Being a father to Carter & Ammon

2 thoughts on “Call me “Dr. Daddy”;o)

  1. Enjoy your time of not having to do both in serious combination/competition with the other.Each day it just feels as if one or the other is getting short changed. I pray Orrin does not look back and think about all the times we didn’t spend b/c I was in night class, or cooking/cleaning, or in front of my computer. I pray that he looks at me as a woman who was brave enough and strong enough to go after the life she wanted instead of settling or being unhappy. They will be big before you know it, and so independent. I’m proud you are continuing to have a toe in and will be ready to swing doors wider when the time comes.

    • Well, so many times I think “I’d rather be writing!”, and as of right now, the writing is VERY fulfilling. Yes, Orrin will love and appreciate you as we all do.

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