I brake for squirrels….

….but I am shooting their butts off our bird feeders with the BB gun.

I’m so tired of squirrels eating all the birds’ food. Right now we have the pleasure of seeing purple finches, gold finches, indigo buntings, brown thrashers, chick-a-dees,  tufted tit-mice, cardinals, and many more adorable birds, but the dang squirrels keep eating their food, and the birds don’t want to come around to empty feeders.

Gray Squirrel (Sciurus caroliniensis)

It’s best when we have our dachshund, Buddy, or our mother coonhound, Katie, to run them off, but neither of them is out at 6:00 in the A.M. when the squirrels begin their dining terrorist acts. Those squirrels broke our last bird feeder! At one point during the past 7 years, I had a stove pipe around our shepherd’s hook where we have the bird feeders, and the squirrels jumped from the nearby magnolia trees to on top of the feeders. The squirrels have PLENTY of trees and nuts (hickory, black walnut, etc.) as well as scraps I throw away (far from the house), so I know they have other food sources. So, I am back to using the BB gun. I get some good target practice, and the dogs start their fun and excitement as soon as they hear me cock the rifle. Wish us luck.

2 thoughts on “I brake for squirrels….

  1. At my grandmother’s house on time, we watched a squirrel eating the bird food, and when we tapped on the window, it jumped like a ninja and started climbing from one side of the house to the other on the siding to get to the bird feeder. It sounds kind of ridiculous, but it’s hard to explain in writing.

  2. Hannah, it’s like a person on crack who is totally out of control and would “kill/mame” to get his/her drug…in the squirrel’s case, the “drug” is food. LOL

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