Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is such a cool place in London. I like it
better than Picadilly Circus (pale in comparison to New York’s Time Square). Atop
his pedestal on his sentinel-perched monument, Admiral Horatio Nelson of Great
Britain looks over this awesome thoroughfare in the heart of London not too far
from Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Although the admiral was mortally
wounded in the naval Battle of Trafalgar (21 October 1805) off the coast of
Spain during the Napoleonic Wars, the Brits won the battle and helped turn the
naval advantages to the Brits. To many of us, the lions at the base of the
monument are more intriguing than Admiral Nelson.

In both 1985 and 2007, I had problems climbing up to the
lions. In 1985, it had rained all day, the stones were slippery, and I was
wearing khakis and penny loafers! After a wet-week of trying again in 2007, I
finally made it, but it wasn’t too satisfying. However, now it was May 2011,
and I had to prove to Carter and Ammon that I could do it: Public humiliation
or not! I did it, and it was personal triumph! LOL ( you all are thinking “What a dits-o!”)

I did it for Ammon & Carter! (and for myself) Haven at Trafalgar Square

Sean, Carter, Ammon, & Haven at Trafalgar Square

We also found a great restaurant near Trafalgar Square in
2007: a Tex-mex restaurant call the Texas Embassy. It is where the Republic of
Texas had its embassy in London when it was its own “country” 1836-1846. We ate
there twice this trip, and we highly recommend it.

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