Carter Moment

Carter recently in Reykjavik, Iceland

Carter Moment :
Thursday June 30, 2011

The moment had started with Ammon saying, “There’s a gorilla
up there in the tree!” . She was pointing up into our largest Black Walnut
Tree. As you all may know the Black Walnut tree has awesome shade in the
summer, and we had been playing outside in the bright sunshine. I have been
trying very hard to calm these silly, scary moments (the gorilla…which they are
afraid of) with a soft voice and explanations.

Shady Black Walnut Trees


I said, “You two. There is no gorilla up in this tree. It
only has birds, squirrels, and right now some June bugs.” We got closer to the trunk
of the tree, and I pointed up. “See nothing but beautiful, green leaves. It’s a
good tree.” Ammon came closer and started patting the tree with her hand.
Carter came closer as well, and they both acted like they wanted to hug the
tree, so I continued with, “Let’s all hug it, and thank you, God, for such a
wonderful tree!” Ammon gave it a hug, and so did Carter; however, while
hugging, Carter placed his cheek up against the trunk and scratched himself.
Carter drew back, wiped his cheek, and said, to the tree, “Hey, don’t you do
that!” I immediately turned the other way, laughed then looked back at Carter.
I then stated in a fatherly tone, “I think the tree is telling you, ‘Carter be
careful with me’.” Carter looked at me with a puzzled look. “Okay!”, I
interjected, “ let’s go in for some nice, cold apple juice!” Ammon and I
started back toward the house, and as I looked back I could see Carter pointing
his finger up to the tree and heard him saying one more time, “Tree, don’t you
do that!” What a boy!


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