July 4th 2011 (Reflection)

What a great evening!

Celebrating the independence of our country was a real treat
yesterday: Great fellowship, great food, and great fireworks. I doubt very
seriously that Carter and Ammon will remember the day, but it laid a foundation
of events that I hope they will always be able to experience and hold dear to
their hearts.

First, we celebrated our country, and I hope my children
will always be proud of this country. Second, we, as a group of Christians,
were not meeting to worship, but we were able to assemble without the fear of
being persecuted as a group of people with like-minds and purpose, and that is
such a blessing to celebrate here in the United States of America.

The food   
(always a  blessing) was delicious, and there
were people there who enjoyed taking care of Ammon and Carter while we
socialized with adults. It was such a treat for all of us.

The fireworks were beautiful. Carter LOVED them, and kept
saying , “More?”. Ammon enjoyed them, but she complained about the noise. Even
with the noise, all she talked about on the way home was, “We saw the pretty
fireworks. They shot up in the air. The fireworks popped!” LOL That’s all she
talked about until bedtime. I hope you and yours had a blessed July 4th.
For our family, our country’s 235th birthday was its best ever!

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