Dublin, Ireland

“The only thing to see in Dublin is the Guinness Brewing Factory” was the reply we got from a fellow traveler with whom we shared a touring train in Monte Carlo, Monaco last October.  The question to this family from Northern Ireland had been, “What do you recommend seeing in Dublin?”  The truth of the matter was that we were not anticipating much out of Dublin, but, oh, my goodness! It was such a nice surprise.

Carter, Haven, Ammon (enjoying the vaulted ceiling) & Nana:St. Patrick’s

We had a short excursion that morning, but we had a great afternoon of shopping. We’re looking forward to wearing our Ireland-made sweaters we bought this coming winter. ;o)

2 thoughts on “Dublin, Ireland

    • Lelia, it was so charming, and there were about 5 or 6 Dubliners who helped us find a few places…so FRIENDLY and HELPFUL. We definitely want to return with Ammon and Carter one day. Thank you for your comment!

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