Little Red Wagon

I think the last time I mentioned my Nanny Caylor was on my
May 15th blog when it was her birthday. I guess there isn’t a day
that goes by when she doesn’t come to mind at one point or another. I
thought about her all evening Thursday. It all revolved around Ammon and
Carter’s little red wagon. All of a sudden, they want to be ridden around again
in their wagon which is really fine with me. The funny thing is that they
haven’t ridden in it in about 4 months or so. They rode in it twice on
Thursday. It was also on Thursday evening when I kept jogging by it in my 45
minute jog we do every evening. Every time I passed it, I thought of my Nanny
and Daddy.

From the time my father was born until my grandmother became
pregnant with their second child, Nanny had “a blast” raising my father. She
often told me that she “finished growing up with Haven”. One of the things she
and Daddy use to do was ride down their hill to the railroad tracks in his
little red wagon. It was really a ride because it was about 200 yards…all downhill!
She said they spent hours playing that way together. Carter and Ammon’s wagon
doesn’t have a good steering mechanism, so we don’t ride it downhill; however,
every time they get in their wagon, relax, and allow me to pull them, in my mind I’m saying a prayer up to heaven, “Here’s to you Nanny and Daddy!”

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