Fun Friday

We had a surprise at the Texas Roadhouse on Friday evening.
Mamaw, Aunt Karen, Uncle Tony, and Alusha joined us for dinner! It was great.
Carter and Ammon could hardly eat due to the excitement. I don’t think Ammon
and Carter have ever eaten out like that with them. We’ve had plenty of family
get-togethers where we have enjoyed being together, but not out at a

Another enjoyable moment for Friday came when Sean and I
jogged late in the evening. It was cloudy, and it sprinkled rain. It was so
refreshing. There wasn’t enough rain to make our shoes soggy ( I hate jogging
with soggy shoes/socks!), but the rain on my face and shoulders felt so good
especially after our days with temperatures hovering at 100 degrees. Enjoy your
weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Fun Friday

  1. Good Morning to everyone, hope you all got lots of rest and have a fun filled Saturday, the guys are off to TWD, and I am going to have some me time, Skipper said yeeeeeeah right, K, love you all!

  2. What a delightful evening! Ammon and Carter are joys, and their enhanced delights at a big family dinner must have been wonderful. Hope your weekend is restful. Love to all.

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