Carter Moment with Blanket

On Friday morning, Carter, Ammon, and I had been out several
times enjoying the warm morning. After we had allowed the coonhounds to slobber
on us a while, we came in for a break. As we sat watching “Fairly Odd Parents”,
I found myself sitting next to Carter on the sofa while he watched television,
sucked his fingers, and held his blanket. I found a spare blanket nearby,
picked it up, put my fingers in my mouth, and thought I would mimic him. Carter
stood up, laughed, and said, “No, like this.” For the next minute or so I
was schooled in the art of finger sucking and blanket handling by my son.  I received no instructions on the finger part;however, I did not hold the blanket correctly: I was supposed to hold it by the satin edging instead of the combed material. I then sat side by side with Carter and pretended to be him. He smiled and watched T. V., and Ammon sat
nearby in her rocking chair grinning ear to ear watching us and watching television as well. It was another, priceless Carter moment.

Carter & Baby (Blanket)

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