Big Boy and Big Girl Beds!

"New" beds

Here at the Caylor-Brown house we had a “rite of passage” so
to speak. On Friday evening, Ammon and Carter began sleeping in their “big girl”
and “big boy” beds. We had been talking about it since May! Last week, they
chose their comforters. Carter wanted Lightning McQueen, and Ammon wanted
Princesses. We were so fortunate to find them back to back on the same shelf at

Carter's side

The beds are the brand Cocoon. They can either be 1)cribs,
2) day beds, or 3)full beds. They were wonderful cribs, and I recommend them
highly. I could not believe how beautiful they looked as full beds. If Carter
and Ammon ever decide to pick out their own beds one day, I want to try using
one as a day bed.

Ammon's Side

I am trying not to be too sentimental. I share those feelings with you all quite often, but converting the crib was bitter-sweet: My babies are growing up.

4 thoughts on “Big Boy and Big Girl Beds!

  1. So how are they doing in their big beds? Sorry I missed your call today and figured yal were out and about, have a great evening, will talk to some time tomorrow, love and tisses!

  2. I remember moving all my children from the crib to their big beds. It was a time for celebration with them and a short time of sadness for me because that grow up way to fast. Blessing to you all!

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