2011-2012 1st Day of School

Carter & Ammon Headed to Preschool: September 8, 2011

After the official first day of school was called off last
Tuesday due to the flooding (10 inches in 24 hours) from Tropical Storm Lee,
Carter and Ammon finally made it to their 1st day of preschool
2011-2012. They are attending Christ Methodist Preschool. The best part of
getting started at their new school was that we have been going there for about
3 weeks for their new music school which is in another wing of the building. We
had also met their teacher, Ms. Paula, and played in their new classroom the
previous week while Ms. Paula was preplanning.

Ammon and Carter got up early on Thursday morning. Carter
didn’t even whine when we went into the school building. They gave me hugs and
kisses, and I left. When I picked them up at noon, they were dragging ( a good
tired from learning and playing). I was so relieved. I am very thankful that
Carter and Ammon have, so far, adapted to all the social situations they have
entered. We had an excellent start to our school year.

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