Preschool Update

Carter and Ammon had their first, complete school week for
the 2011-2012 school year. Their teacher is Mrs. Paula, and they seem to like
her. The class is comprised of 7 children and it is a “spiraled” classroom…not
the shape (LOL), but older 2 year olds like Ammon and Carter are “spiraled”
with younger 3 year olds.  Otherpreschools would still have Ammon and Carter with brand new 2 year olds while they are almost 3….big developmental differences both mentally and physically between the two ages.

I guess the best thing is that when I pick them up, they are
tired, and don’t want to talk. I know they have had a busy time both physically
and mentally ;o) However, little by little during the day after school, we
discuss a few things that went on the in the classroom. We ask that you all keep
Carter and Ammon in your prayers for a safe, happy, and learning-filled year.

2 thoughts on “Preschool Update

  1. Good for them – playing with and getting to know children is a great social growth. Sometimes social learning is as important as academic learning.

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