The Amazing Race

Sean and I travel well together. Before children, we’ve
changed traveling itineraries in “mid-stream”, jumped off of moving trains
because we were “headed in the wrong direction”, and run through airports in desperate attempts to catch planes (I’m probably forgetting a lot of things!). However, I’m not too sure we would do well on “The Amazing Race” LOL. In some of our situations, we’ve had to stop, or sit down, or go to the bathroom, or get something to eat, or yell at each other, and re-group. It doesn’t look like they slow down and re-group on the  T. V. show, and I think the pressure of trying to win 1 million dollars would get to us.

Having said all that… “The Amazing Race” started again on
Sunday night, and we are glad. In case you didn’t know, the show just won its 8th
Reality Competition Emmy! If you have never watched it, you need to try it for
several weeks. Here in the Easter time zone it comes on 8:00 p.m. on Sunday
evenings. It’s one show I actually sit down and watch for an hour with or
without Ammon and Carter! Happy Monday, everyone!

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