Vince Lombardi

I have never been a Green Bay Packers nor a Vince Lombardi fan, but I have always had respect for them.

Several days ago, I watched an HBO special on Vince Lombardi. What a treat! I know the man probably cursed from time to time, but with years and years of video and video with audio, there was NOT one curse word from that man’s mouth as he spoke to his players, referees, etc.

He went to church (he was a devout Catholic) every day, and often times was the “altar boy” to the priest during services. He chose to do that as an adult. What service! Love was a part of his coaching philosophy, and none of his players that are alive today can deny that.  As a matter of fact, they seem very proud of it.

All coaches from professional league to pee-wee league need to read, watch, and listen to  Vince Lombardi’s teaching and coaching styles and incorporate them  into their professions. His coaching was lead by the Holy Spirit, and it translated from the locker room then on to the field.

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