Leaving Work at Work!

When I started teaching in 1989 and didn’t a life per say (no other responsibilities except to myself), I would bring “tons” of work home. I would grade papers, make lesson plans, and grade projects. There was even a time that I would go to work for a couple of hours on Saturdays and Sundays! I think I needed “professional help”. LOL There were also times when I brought home “mental baggage” as well. Students with problems, administrators yelling at me and making threats to me,  and parents wanting me “fired” because their children lied to them about how I was using school rules to make my class into a “fascist dictatorship”! It is all so ridiculous now.

I must admit that by the time Ammon and Carter were born, I had very few summative tests (chapter/unit type tests) that had essay questions, and students would grade multiple choice tests. I did, however, have formative evaluations (written paragraphs, art projects, quizzes, etc.) that had to  be graded by Haven alone, so there were quite a few times I brought papers home to grade.

However, when I work with Sean now at his practice, I get to leave work at work. The mail is opened, the bills are paid, the insurance billings are posted, and there they all sit and stay until the next day. I leave it all where it lies, and I come home to play with my children, make dinner, and see to my house and yard. I love it!

I hope and pray all you working people get to leave work at work as well. If not, start investigating how you can!

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