Praise the Lord for medicine. God has given us brains to figure out how to fly, create embryos in a “test tube”, and make medicines to help heal people. Several months ago, I lauded and magnified cough medicines, and I am adding fever reducers (acetaminophen and ibuprofen) to my “thank you, God” list.

Early Monday morning (2:30 a.m.) I woke up to the horrific sounds of Ammon coughing and not being able to catch her breath. The sound was like the whooping cough I’ve had and heard about so much. I tried two different cough medicines, and finally around 5:00 a.m., the second one took effect. I was also using fever reducers. When Ammon had not coughed in a time frame of about 20 minutes, my mind relaxed, and I feel into a deep sleep until I heard Sean’s alarm clock at about 6:15. I then plunged into another 30 minute sleep. It was DELIGHTFUL. LOL.

So, as we should all do, read the instructions on the medicine bottles or consult a physician, alternate your fever reducers, and stay in constant prayer that God do His work in the process.

Have a great Tuesday!

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