Old Dogs= New Habits

Carter gets a Kiss from Ferd: Carter, Ferd, & Ammon 7-18-2011

Once again, I am down to 3 coonhounds. At any given time in the past 8 years, the most I have had at one time is 5. Since 2006, Josh the daddy Coon hound, Marshal, our baby who lived in Hixson from 2004 until 2008, and Caleb have all died. When we first moved to our new home with the mountain, the dogs would sometimes stay out for 18-24 hours and would “worry the hair off of me” until they came home, but they always did.

Katie the mama coon hound will be 10 this year, and Ferd and Sissy will be 9. Praise the Lord, they are in a habit of going out anywhere  between 7:30 am to 10:00 am, and they return  before sundown. They will even go to their home in the barn, lie down, and wait for supper. It is such a  BLESSING. I know a “true coon hound” will stay gone for many hours no matter how old they are,  but my sorry coon hounds come home for dinner. LOL

Seriously, I am truly thankful to God that my canine babies come home like that. It is one less thing I have to worry about, and with Carter, Ammon, my house, my yard, and my new part-time job with Sean, I have a lot to worry about.

I love my dogs, and I pray for their health and well-being every day. They are blessings from God. Just a reminder….dog spelled backwards is God. Happy Friday.

All the below pictures are from July 18, 2011




2 thoughts on “Old Dogs= New Habits

  1. What great dogs! I’ve always been a cat person but have a new appreciation for dogs since my Sarah has a Bernese Mountain dog (= very large, very loving). My cats come home for supper MOST days; but, if I’m late coming in, sometimes I have to hunt for Beau, the Maine coon. We worry about our darlings!

    • Oh, man, a Bernese mountain dog. I didn’t quite understand that they were connected to Bern, Switzerland until we went to Bern in 2007.LOL
      yes, dogs and cats are gifts from God, aren’t they? We have four cats in our home as well. Chat soon, Haven

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