Colds/Sinusitis/& an Answered Prayer

After reading about colds & sinusitis, come back and enjoy some of my latest works.

Okay, winter colds/sinusitis…. I have a crappy cold right now. booooooooooo!

Since I started my blog last March, I must not have had bout of sinusitis, because to my knowledge I haven’t written about it. The more I think about it the more I do believe it has been two winters ago since my last experience. The family and I had taken a cruise in the Southern Caribbean (St. Lucia, Barbados, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, etc.), and when we transitioned from warm weather back to cold weather, my sinuses had a “meltdown”.

I think my most incredible year that I escaped a cold and sinusitis was the winter of 2008-2009. During the work week, I had decided that the babies and I would sleep in our living room. I slept on the couch, and Carter and Ammon were nearby in their bassinets. That way Sean would not be disturbed, and he could wake up fresh for work. We would feed the babies around 10:30 at night, and put them down to sleep. Around 2:30 am, one of the two hungry babies would make a peep, and I would dash off of the couch, grab the baby, change it, feed it, rock it back to sleep, get it in back in the bassinet, and whether it was awake or not, do the same for the other baby.

One night after I gotAmm on and Carter back to sleep, I had a scratchy throat, and I was a little fatigued. I remember standing in the utility room bathroom praying, “God, I CANNOT get sick right now. I have to take care of Carter and Ammon.” 24 hours later I was fine! It was an answered prayer. This cold I have right now started like that one, but God helped me “erase” that cold because I couldn’t bear it and do what I was doing with my babies. I was so blessed and thankful that God answered my prayer.

For all you people who are experiencing winter colds, I am totally empathetic. Let’s all pray that we get better soon.

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