Ammon & Carter: Christ United Methodist Church

Jumping for Jesus

Carter, Ammon, Sean, and I just placed membership at Christ United Methodist Church in East Brainerd. Christ Methodist has been Carter and Ammon’s preschool since September, and it has been such a blessing for all of us especially for Ammon and Carter.

The video is with Mark Flynn, the pastor. I hope you enjoy this wonderful, short video. His Sunday sermons are equally wonderful.

The preschool experience at Christ Methodist this year has been AWESOME. The director, Kathy Lookabill,  is an educator, a mother, a grandmother, and “works well with others”. It is not beneath her to direct traffic, carry children, pick up garbage, run errands for her staff, or any other such thing. She attends worship on a weekly, regular basis, and she is involved in BOTH the Sunday school program and the preschool program .

Kathy  invited us to church last October, and we decided to go to see what it was like for Carter and Ammon. They love it, and we love it for them. The Sunday school teachers have helped with potty training, they have Bible lessons, and they sing church hymns. The parents and the children are so friendly, and we all seem to be connecting well together. There was also a special Christmas Eve service just for families with young children.  EVERY child (member or visitor) who walked through that door was given the opportunity to be in the live nativity play. It was WONDERFUL. Ammon was an angel, and Carter was a shepherd.

Please wish us luck and prayers on our Christian walk especially the Christian walk of our beloved children, Carter and Ammon.

4 thoughts on “Ammon & Carter: Christ United Methodist Church

    • Thank you, Debbie. Sean and I are always encouraged by the strength you and Bobby get from your congregation. Thank you for your continued prayers especially for the Christian futures of Carter and Ammon.

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