Valentine’s Day 2013

In the late 1990s, an article appeared in the Diario de Yucatán (The Yucatan Journal It was my favorite newspaper when I lived in the Yucatan in 1994, but I used the electronic version frequently from 1995 to 1999 when I was teaching English as a Second Language. The students I was teaching were all Spanish speaking, so I would use the articles to translate into English. The article that appeared one Valentine’s Day during those years was absolutely spectacular. It covered the three Greek loves: eros (sexual), phileo (brotherly), and agape (self-less).

The lines about eros were not illicit, but very appropriate for that passion a person has for a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse especially on Valentine’s Day. My students and I appreciated the lines regarding the phileo due to the fact they were all pre-teens or young teens who had absolutely NO USE for eros. The Mexicans use the term “day of friendship” embedded in Valentine’s Day, and it’s nice to remember our beloved friends on February 14. For me, the most touching part was when the columnist wrote that Jesus Christ was the perfect example of agape on Valentine’s Day!

Okay, so folks, be sure to tell your significant others you love them today. Folks, tell your friends you love them today (Friends I love you!!!), and please tell Jesus Christ you love him today as well.  There is no price tag on love, and it doesn’t cost one cent to say, “I love you.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

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