Here comes Spring!

First Mow of 2012

Wow, totally different from last year’s 1st mow ( ! On Thursday, I wore shorts, kept a hat on, and had a t-shirt on. It was a good and warm day to cut the grass with a whapping 78 degrees. I also have a praise report that the lawn mower did great.

Our only, small cherry tree is so beautiful right now. We also have the red bud trees brightly budding as well. The coon hounds, Katie, Ferd, & Sissy had a great day Thursday out of their barn as well. They stayed on the mountain for about 4 hours then spent the afternoon lounging around outside the house.

Carter and I just got over some infections: Carter’s was viral, and I had a sinus coupled with a bladder infection. It’s hard to ask a 3 year old to explain how he feels, but I felt AWFUL  for about 4 days!  We could not believe that Carter did not “share” his virus with Ammon. It was a small miracle because it was a first for them.

I hope everyone is blessed with a great Friday.

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