Carter, the hair-cut pro!

He was the best behaved 2 year old they've ever had when he started! Carter is excellent when getting his hair cut.

Carter had just turned 2 when we first went to Hixson to get his hair cut at the Classic Barber. They have always been AMAZED  at what a great client he is. He has never flinched once, and he is so kind, respectful, and courteous.

Carter’s latest, spring haircut went great on Wednesday. After our trip to the barber, we went to Logan’s Roadhouse where Carter and Ammon chose corn dogs for lunch.

4 thoughts on “Carter, the hair-cut pro!

  1. What a handsome guy! I am not surprised how well behaved he is because I know this little gentleman AND his parents. Logan’s Roadhouse – we need to do that again together! love, Emmie

    • Emmie,
      Oh, me. Carter’s our “little man”!
      Will you all have any time before Doc’s 1st trip to Vanderbilt…sometime in April to eat together again, or are you two booked? Let me know

  2. I don’t know how to do this but we love being able to share in your kids’ moments. Don’t stop blogging. Dot and Peggy

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