Summer fun has Begun


Once again, who needs a pool when you have sprinklers! April 30, 2012

For those tough stains on the floor, use Carter!

Hey, who replaced the mop with Ammon?

Ammon and Carter ushered in the summer season with their annual Running of the Sprinklers this week! It was great, and we can see how much they’ve grown since last August. Have a great Friday and Weekend, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Summer fun has Begun

  1. Love this! i think the best fun is usually the simplest! You all have safe travels and fun in the Big Apple. So much to do. Wish we were tagging along! love ya’ll Emmie

  2. I still get tickled every time I think about our phone conversation, and in the background I heard you say to the children, “Ok, that’s enough with the mud.” LOL!

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