Ammon & Carter’s Spring Portrait

April 17, 2012…Carter & Ammon Caylor-Brown

We only had a day’s notice on spring pictures at school. During the school year, Ammon and Carter had several “formal-type” pictures. I had no intention to dress them up the Monday evening we got the email. Sean and I did concur that they could wear their new Burberry shirts we had gotten them in New York City before Christmas, and that was as “fancy” as it would get.

The pictures were back the NEXT TUESDAY! I sat down to pay for the pictures, and the lady helping pulled them out. The first one she showed me was the 11 ½ by 14, and I was dumbfounded! It was the best pose Ammon and Carter had ever done together, and it made tears come to eyes.

As most siblings do, they bicker and quarrel all the time, but they love each other dearly, and the photographer brought this out in his photo. You people here in the Chattanooga area, I do highly recommend Teddy Bear Portraits.

As I have heard all my life, many times those “spur of the moment” photos are the best. This was one of those moments for Carter and Ammon.

5 thoughts on “Ammon & Carter’s Spring Portrait

  1. We always had really good pictures from Teddy Bear when Beth was in preschool. This is such a precious picture of Carter and Ammon!

  2. Still the most gorgeous children in the world. We are watching our three grandchildren today, and we will come home very tired, but very happy. Sheila

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