Carter & Ammon School 2011-2012

First Day of School: Thursday September 8, 2011

Last Day of School :Tuesday May 22, 2012

Do you all see any changes from this school year?

Mrs. Paula, Carter and Ammon’s teacher has been great. They have progressed so much this year in their learning.
Thank you, Mrs. Paula, and thank you, Christ Methodist Preschool for a great year. We are looking forward to the next two years with you all.

4 thoughts on “Carter & Ammon School 2011-2012

  1. Wow! Ammon is taller and they are both still just as happy. You need a mark of some kind on the wall so the growth and progression are marked from year to year. Will they pose like this at 18?

  2. Yes you can tell they have grown but I love that they are still holding hands. Enjoy because they will be 18 before you know it.
    Take care.
    Love ya


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