Carter & Ammon’s Summer Cookin’

Ammon and Carter enjoying the “fruits of their labor”: May 29, 2012

Our first batch of summer cookies

Ammon’s “A”, and Carter’s “C”

For me, I have to plan Carter and Ammon’s educational activities just like I make lesson plans for school.
On Tuesday, we read preschool books on A’s (Ammon), and C’s (Carter). After reading the books, I had some flour and water (homemade dough) so we could practice making dough-letters. After making A’s and C’s with our practice dough, we switched to our cookie dough. Carter and Ammon made A’s and C’s (Carter threw in a circle, and I made an H).

While Carter and Ammon ate lunch, their cookies baked. We then played in the sprinklers while the cookies cooled. After sprinkler time, Ammon and Carter iced their letters then ate the “fruits of their labor”. Great way to start their summer break!

4 thoughts on “Carter & Ammon’s Summer Cookin’

  1. I made the girls initials with pancake batter. They are adults now ands still enjoy eating their names. The tircks is making the initials correct so they turn out when you flip them order. This is a tradional Saturday morning breakfast treat that has continued on to our grandchildred.

    Thanks for sharing. Your children will cherish the memories.


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