Sophie Catches Lightening Bugs




Now, if you are familiar with the blog, you know I think Ammon and Carter are the cutest things on earth…LOL
However, you all also know how much I love dogs, and I think they are cute too!

On Sunday evening (June 3, 2012), Carter and Ammon were alternating playing Freeze Tag and Catch the Lightening Bugs. We were having a BLAST. I had noticed Sophie, our female dachshund, ambling around our legs, but I really wasn’t watching her closely. However, I stopped unfreezing children, and scooping lightening bugs long enough to watch Sophie. She, as well, had started chasing the lightening bugs! She would then stop, look up in the air, wait for a light to flash, then start again. I laughed and laughed. Sophie is almost 7 years old, and I had never seen her do that. I have also have MANY dogs in my lifetime (hmmmm, I’d say 43 years of catching lightening bugs with dogs around me), and I do not remember ANY dogs catching lightening bugs.
Cute stuff, I tell ya! Happy Monday everyone

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