Helsinki, Finland

Sean, Ammon, Haven, & Carter: Near Porvoo, Finland July 3, 2012

Carter inside the Rock Church

Porvoo, Finland

Sibelius monument: July 3, 2012

It was our second time to Helsinki, Finland, and we decided to take a more rural tour of the area. We did not go to the bustling downtown area this time. Our tour guide was EXCELLENT, and she made this experience EXCELLENT (our tour guide from 2010 was a dud).

We started early near the water, traveled to a village named Porvoo, had lunch in a restaurant that had been converted from a dairy barn, saw the Sibelius (music composer) monument of tubes, visited the The Temppeliaukio Kirkko (Rock Church) hewn from inside a huge boulder, then back to the ship.
The day was nice and “laid back”, and it was wonderful to recharge after the intense touring of St. Petersburg the previous two days.

We highly recommend traveling to Helsinki.

8 thoughts on “Helsinki, Finland

  1. We did a North Sea and Baltic Cruise in June and saw some of the same places you did. It was a wonderful very full month. You last wrote about St. Petersburg and I wanted to say that the people there are not unhappy with us they are just unhappy with their own lives. We enjoyed the palaces and being there and after reading a book about St. Petersburg from its beginning to the present I was anxious to see it for myself. I wish we had more than two full days but I am happy we got a taste of the area. Peter the Great was such a visionist, so open to the rest of the world. But it certainly changed, I wonder what it would have been if it had continued on the way he had started?
    The kiddies are sure growing up. Our grandkiddies are too.
    We don’t have any cruises planned at the moment. We are home with our garden and doing some camping.
    Take care,

  2. I was interested to see the Sibelius monument. He is one of my favorite composers! His second symphony holds a special place in my heart. I played the finale of that symphony in high school in Tennessee All-State Orchestra one year (too old to remember which year!). I also love his Song of Peace.

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