Magic Formula …can you help with an ingredient?


I’m searching for a “formula” a “connection” to publishing my articles and books.

Can you help with an ingredient through 1)Prayer  2)Reading and sharing  “Haven’s Ideals” on Facebook/emails, etc,  or 3) Guidance to somewhere/someone in publishing?

I’ve written for 3 years (I began “Gray Christmas” 3 years ago this month), but I have yet to find/be guided to the person or people that makes that “magic formula”.

Songwriters that had magic formulas with singers: Elvis had Leiber & Stoller (“Hound Dog” & “Jailhouse Rock”), The Beatles had  John Lennon & Paul McCartney, (“Let it Be” & “Yesterday”) and the Supremes from Motown had Holland/Dozier/Holland (“Stop! In the Name of Love” & “Baby Love”)

Holland/Dozier/Holland wrote about 8 #1 hits for the Supremes. In her magazine, Mary Wilson (former Supreme) said with her, Diana Ross, and Florence Ballard’s voices coupled with the songwriting team of Holland/Dozier/Holland they found their “magic formula”. It was such a profound statement for me.

I’m working on a “Haven Caylor, Author” magic formula. I’ve advertised on Clear Channel Radio, I’ve advertised with an online blog, and I’m contacting some wonderful people like you all. Some have already given wonderful advice and are “thinking” of what publisher might can help. And, best of all and at the forefront, I continually ask God for guidance. In my heart and in my faith, I know it’s God who will get me to that person or people. He will bless the “magic formula” and give it the “increase”.

Thank you all, and I hope your 2013 is off to a great start!

2 thoughts on “Magic Formula …can you help with an ingredient?

  1. Haven, My friend Janie just published her first book last year called Moon over Taylor’s Ridge. It was published through Little Creek Books which is a division of Jan-Carol publishing. They are located in Johnson City, Tn. Would you like for me to get you two set up to speak and maybe she could provide insight from her experiences. Let me know.

    • Peggy, I think this “reply” goes back to your email.
      Yes, I would love to speak with Janie! My mother grew up on the other side of Taylor’s Ridge. LOL

      I’ll send a note to you Facebook as well, Peggy. Bless your heart and blessings always, Haven

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