Letter M -Preschool Unit Plan


Unit Plan

Enjoy some sounds of “Mambo”

Mathematics: TN KCC A.3, KCC B.5, KCC B.4b, KOA A.1 & A.2, KMD A.1 & A.2

-Measure                 -Minus/marshmallows

Social Studies: TN K 3.01, 3.03, 1.01, 1.02, 1.03

-Map                          -Mountains                         -Maya Indians

Science: TN K 7.73,7.8.1, 7.8.2, 7.9.1,7.11.1,

-Man Made Objects                      -Weather Data                  -Heat Chart

-Materials (solids/liquids)                   -Motion

Language Arts: TN RFK 2.d, RFK 3.b, SLK 1.a, SLK 1.b, SLK 6, LK 1.a, LK 1.f, RLK1, RLK2, RLK3, RLK4, RLK5

Multiple Intelligences


Verbal/Linguistic- Monkey’s Miserable Monday, ABC Mouse, Mr. Brown Can Moo, consonant “M”, reading, writing, Capitals & punctuation

Logical Mathematical- math (numbers 1-20), measure

Body Kinesthetic-Mambo, Movement (side to side, zigzag, forward & backward)

Spatial- Draw /Color M & m, Drawing Mountains, coloring w/ABC Mouse.com

Music/Rhythm- Mozart

Interpersonal- Relating to Daddy S, Daddy H, & Mamaw

Intrapersonal –Asking how they are experiencing their day with a video journal from iPad

Nature- geography w/Maps & Mountains

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