Letter B – Preschool Unit Plan

Unit Plan

Letter B "Bean Art"

Letter B “Bean Art”

Mathematics: TN KCC A.3, KCC B.5, KCC B.4b, KOA A.1 & A.2, KMD A.1 & A.2

Social Studies: TN Business 2.02, Seasons 3.02 “c” (Autumn)

Science: TN K Building Blocks 7.1.2 , Biology w/plants & animals 7.3.1 (water, food, & air), Weather 7.8.2

-Weather Data -Heat Chart

Language Arts: TN RFK 2.d, RFK 3.b, SLK 1.a, SLK 1.b, SLK 6, LK 1.a, LK 1.f, RLK1, RLK2, RLK3, RLK4, RLK5, RLK9

Bubble Bear by Maxwell Higgins

Multiple Intelligences

Verbal/Linguistic- reading, writing, Capitals & punctuation

Logical Mathematical- math (numbers 1-20)

Body Kinesthetic- Balance, basketball, bowling, base ball

Spatial- Draw /Color B & b coloring w/ABC Mouse.com

Music/Rhythm- Brahms, Beethoven, Bossa Nova


Bossa Nova

Beethoven 5th

Beethoven: Moonlight

Ode to Joy

Interpersonal- Relating to Daddy S, Daddy H, & Mamaw, & Nana

Intrapersonal –Asking how they are experiencing their day with a video journal from iPad

Nature- Biology


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