New York Review (yep, we’re home)

Balto, Carter, & Haven

Here are pictures from Central Park. The babies and I are around the statue of Balto. He is the Siberian Husky who led the final leg of the dog sled team when in 1925, the town of Nenana, Alaska was suffering from an outbreak of diphtheria. The sled team was carrying the antitoxin. This is the run that is commemorated in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race each year. We have seen the statue several times in Central Park, and this is the first time I haven’t cried while contemplating those wonderful dogs and their heroic run. I can’t help it. I love dogs!!

Haven, Ammon, & Balto

Once again, it was the first time Ammon and Carter had been on a carousel. They loved going “up and down”. Later in the week we returned to Central Park to simply walk and get exercise. It was very enjoyable.

Carter & Ammon: Central Park Carousel

I also promised Diana from the Cranberry Café that she would appear on the blog. She’s here. The pictures of Friend of a Farmer is a quaint restaurant (77 Irving Place) between 18th and 19th Streets near Union Square. We enjoy the breakfasts there. I highly recommend the breakfast/brunch (pumpkin pancakes!), but the service is usually lacking.

Cranberry Cafe (45th and Times Square)

Haven & Diana (Cranberry Cafe)

Carter, Haven, & Ammon (Friend of a Farmer)

What a treat New York was! One play that we saw that I did not write about last week was Sister Act. It was really good with themes such as “working together with your ‘sisters’ (mankind) and ‘raising your voice’ (in life and to God) were throughout the play. I also thought it was a profound idea where the Reverend Mother said that you find God in people. Patina Miller plays the lead role, and she is very good. She has many mannerisms that remind me of Diana Ross, but her voice is more soulful, and (sorry Diana), Patina is a much better actress. If you liked the movie Sister Act, you will enjoy this play as well.

What a treat New York was, but we are glad to be home. We have been going twice a year, and we plan to return right after Thanksgiving this fall.